Setting Up Investment Categories in DevDynamics

At DevDynamics, we closely track investment in two key areas:

1. Time: How much time you and your team are spending on different tasks.

2. Work Focus: What part of your business objectives the team is working towards and how much attention is given to each objective.

This helps us understand how resources are being used and ensure efforts align with the business goals.

Step 1: On the main dashboard select Investments tab

And then click on Configure Investment to go to Investment Categories Or Go to Settings at the bottom left corner there you can directly find investment categories

Step 2: Click on Add Category to add different investment categories and name it.

Step 3: Provide a name for your category, such as "Test," and select a color from the provided list.

This color will help you easily identify and measure your investment category. Once you've named and colored your category, click "Save" to add it.

The color coding helps you quickly recognize which tasks and efforts fall under each investment category, making it easier to track how resources are allocated towards different business objectives.

Step 4: Tracking Investment Categories

To track your investment category, platform utilize issue management system data. using different filters you can assign work to categories based on certain criteria.

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