Manage Teams

DevDynamics teams serve as a means to manage sub-org access and filter metric data across the product based on team assignments.

A team acts as the container of a set of members, managers, Issue management projects, and Git repositories. When a team filter is applied to any metrics, DevDynamics filters the data as per members of the team, and in some case like deployment filtering happen by git repositories

In team settings, you have the option to specify a team email, Slack channel, or Microsoft Team channel to receive a daily digest. To create a new team, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1

Go to the team settings page

Step 2

Click on the New Team button in the top right corner

Step 3

Provide team details like a repository and issue management projects. If you need daily updates on what your team is working on across the git repo or projects enable Daily Digest. Provide the email id, slack channel, or MS team channel name where you want to receive these digest messages.

Step 4

Attribute DORA Metrics data for team

  • Track Change Failures: If tracking DORA metrics, select the projects where change failure detection happens, such as bugs or incidents.

  • Track Deployments: Select the repository where deployments are tracked. For example, if all deployed code is in a single repository, select that repository.

Step 5 (Mandatory step)

Post team creation you can add members and managers. Edit team in team setting page. Click on the member's tab. Click on Add Member button

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