Steps to Integrate with GitLab

  1. Log in to DevDynamics (

  2. Go to Settings --> Integrations.

  3. Click on Integrate under GitLab

  4. Click on Integrate GitLab

  5. Sign in to GitLab

To generate API Token

Make sure that you have a maintainer role or above to perform this action.

  1. Click on the Profile icon and go to Preferences. This will redirect you to the User Settings page.

  2. Under User Settings, click on Access Tokens. Enter a name for the access token. Keep the expiration date empty.

  3. Select the following scopes and click on Create personal access token.

    1. api

    2. read_api

    3. read_user

    4. read_repository

  4. Your new personal access token will be generated. Save the token. NOTE: This token will be visible only once.

Steps to derive GitLab base URL:

  1. Go to the GitLab home page ( and click the Profile icon. Click on your Profile Name

  2. You will be redirected to your Profile page. The URL of this page is your required Base URL.

  3. Paste your Personal Access Token and Base URL and click on Integrate GitLab.

  4. You have now successfully integrated GitLab into DevDynamics.

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