Configuring Communication Channels in DevDynamics

Step-by-Step Guide to Configuring Communication Channels for Reports and Digests in DevDynamics

This guide will help you configure your Slack, MS Teams, or any other communication channel integrated with your DevDynamics instance to receive daily reports, various digests, and other important data.

Step 1: Access the Team Configuration Interface

  • Go to the Create Team or Edit Team interface in DevDynamics.

Step 2: Select Communication Channels and Add Email Addresses

  • Add the Slack or MS Teams channel you want to use for receiving reports and digests. If you use other communication channels, select the appropriate option.

  • You can also add the email addresses of individuals who want to receive the updates on their mails.


Step 3: Configure Daily Digest Settings

  • Select the Daily Digest option.

  • Check all the data you need to include in the daily digest.

Step 4: Schedule the Delivery Time

  • Choose a time that suits your team's schedule.

  • This ensures the manager or team receives the daily digest in their chosen channel promptly.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your team receives timely and relevant updates through their preferred communication channels, keeping everyone informed and aligned with the latest developments. Each step is designed to make the configuration process straightforward and efficient.

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