Bit Bucket

Steps to Integrate with BitBucket

  1. Log in to DevDynamics (

  2. Go to Settings --> Integrations

  3. Click on Integrate BitBucket

  4. Log in to Bitbucket (

To generate an App Password:

User whose app password is used need to have admin access

  1. Click on the Settings icon and go to Personal Bitbucket Settings

  2. Under Personal Settings, click on App passwords. Then, under App Passwords, click on Create app password.

  3. Add a label for your new app password. Select the following scopes for permission:

    1. Account: Email, Read

    2. Projects: Read

    3. Repositories: Read

    4. Pull Requests: Read

    5. Webhooks: Read and Write

  4. Save your new app password. NOTE: This password will be visible only once.

Steps to derive a Username:

  1. Go to Account Settings under Personal Settings and save your user name.

Steps to derive Workspace ID:

  1. Go to Workspace Settings:

  2. Save Workspace ID:

  3. Paste the Bitbucket Username, App Password and Workspace ID to DevDynamics.

  4. You have now successfully integrated your BitBucket account into DevDynamics.

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