Contributors working out of office hours

1. Introduction:

This document outlines how to analyse and visualise the workload of contributors working outside of designated office hours. This metric, referred to as "Contributors working out of office hours," sheds light on the commitment and risks to your Team’s Health, specifically for those who regularly contribute beyond their core working hours.

2. Definitions:

  • Contributor: An individual who submits changes (pull requests, PRs) to the codebase.

  • After-Hours: The time period outside of your organisation's standard office hours. This timeframe can be customised based on your specific work schedule (e.g., evenings, weekends).

3. Explanation of Charts:

The Line Chart provides a combined view of Comments within certain date range:

  • Horizontal axis: Represents time (e.g., weeks).

  • Vertical axis (left): Number of contributors.

  • Blue line: Cumulative change of number of contributors.

4. Interpretation:

  • Identifying Potentially Burnt-out Contributors: Helps recognize individuals who consistently contribute outside of regular working hours.

  • Workload Insights: Provides a general understanding of the team's overall after-hours workload.

  • Motivation and Recognition: Can be used to acknowledge and appreciate contributors who put in extra effort.

5. Key Points:

  • Identify Engaged Contributors: This analysis helps recognize individuals who consistently log work outside of regular office hours, potentially getting burnout due to workload and passion for the project.

  • Workload Visibility: Provides insights into the overall volume of work logged by contributors after-hours within a specific timeframe..

  • Work-Life Balance Awareness: Helps assess potential workload imbalances and identify contributors who might be putting in excessive after-hours efforts.

6. Conclusion:

Tracking After-Hours Throughput offers valuable insights into your team's workload patterns. This metric, alongside open communication and a culture of appreciation, can help motivate contributors and foster a positive work environment.

7. Analytics Features:

Descriptive Statistics:

  1. Increased Average Contributors:

  • Growing team size or increased project activity leading to more contributors working after-hours.

  • Consider offering flexible work arrangements or acknowledging contributors' extra effort.

  1. Decreased Average Contributors:

  • Reduced project activity leading to less need for after-hours work.

  • Changes in team composition or work culture potentially impacting after-hours workload.

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