Team Insights

Team insights enable you to view a comprehensive overview of the team's performance and provide you with a central dashboard to understand the velocity and throughput of the group.

Teams Page

Compare all your team's performance in one view. To further analyze check the detailed view of the team by clicking on the Team name.

Team Detail

The team detail view is spread across the following views:

  • Team Statistics

  • Team Metrics

  • Contributors Velocity

  • Repositories Velocity

  • Sprint Velocity

  • Team Collaboration

  • Working Agreement

  • InProgress Work Item

Team Statistics

Team statistics provide you with a holistic overview of the activities that the team members are performing. These metrics are derived directly from the integrations that are configured, like Git, Jira, PagerDuty, Jenkins, etc.

Team Metrics

Team metrics provide you the ability to track specific metrics your team is interested in.

Contributor Velocity

The Contributor Velocity dashboard provides an in-depth condensed overview of the team members' recent activities, allowing you to gauge individual contributions.

Repository Velocity

Repository Velocity view enables you to understand the activities associated with each repository that is being worked upon by the team.

Sprint Velocity

With the Sprint Velocity dashboard, you can analyze past and ongoing sprints.

Team Collaboration

The Team Collaboration view lets you analyze how well team members collaborate with each other in the team.

Working Agreements

Drive continuous improvement by setting up the goals for your team.

In Progress Work Items

Check all the in-progress work items.

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