Track your long running projects

Initiatives provide a comprehensive view of cross-team efforts towards achieving company objectives. They encompass issues from multiple teams and can span several months, with some initiatives taking a few quarters to a year to complete. By offering insights into the "big picture," initiatives help you understand:

  • What has already been accomplished and what the next steps are

  • Whether any aspects are currently stuck or at risk of being dropped

  • The number of teams and individuals involved in the initiative

  • Which team is leading the effort

This detailed perspective ensures alignment and progress tracking across the organization.

Creating initiatives

  1. Navigate to Initiatives Page

  2. Add a new initiative

  3. Give the basic information for the initiative and link any relevant issues to it


The Initiatives List View provides a high-level overview of all ongoing initiatives within the organization, allowing you to identify which ones may require attention and further steering. For each initiative, the following attributes are displayed:

  • Status: Indicates if the initiative is on track, idle, or at risk, based on the timing of the latest activity.

    • Idle: No tasks are currently being worked on within the initiative.

    • Delayed: The planned completion date has already passed.

    • On Target: The estimated delivery date for tasks is before the planned completion date.

    • At Risk: The estimated delivery date for tasks is after the planned completion date.

  • Progress: Shows the ratio of completed to total planned issues within the initiative.

  • Start Date: Displays either the planned start date or the date of the first activity.

  • Planned Date: Shows the target completion date for the initiative.

This view helps ensure that initiatives are aligned with organizational goals and allows for proactive management to keep them on track.

Deep dive into Initiative

The Detailed Initiative View is designed to thoroughly inspect the progress of an initiative, identify potential bottlenecks, highlight contributors, and display planned upcoming work. Here are the key aspects that can be examined from this view:

  • Progress Tracking: Monitor the completion status of tasks and milestones.

  • Bottleneck Identification: Detect any areas where work may be stalled or delayed.

  • Contributor Showcase: See which team members and teams are involved in the initiative.

  • Planned Work Overview: View the tasks and activities scheduled to start soon.

These insights help you understand the current state of the initiative and facilitate discussions with your team to address any issues and ensure steady progress. By leveraging this information, you can take proactive steps to keep the initiative on track and aligned with organizational goals.

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